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Predicate Connection and Informational Oddness

(Proceedings of the 23rd Amsterdam Colloquium)

Redundancy in Conjunctions: Aktionsart (Surprisingly) Matters


Contradictoriness | draft

(Under revision)

Domain Restriction: The Problem of the Variable Location Revisited | penultimate draft

(Linguistics and Philosophy)

On Hyperbole

(Work in progress)

SFK Update (or the Pragmatics of Imprecision)

(Work in progress)


Distinguishing Homogeneity from Vagueness | penultimate draft

(Journal of Semantics)



Language and Thought in the Motion Domain: Methodological Considerations and New Empirical Evidence

(Journal of Psycholinguistic Research)

This article is a revised and condensed version of my MPhil thesis (University of Cambridge, 2013).



Mind the Gap: Absolute Adjectives Give Rise to Homogeneity Effects | email me for slides

1st Workshop on Homogeneity and Non-Maximality in Plural Predication and Beyond. 18 Nov 2022. Online talk.


Contradictoriness | handout

SYNSEM seminar (LLING, CNRS/Université de Nantes), 17 Jun 2022. Nantes, France.

Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics (ZAS). 29 Apr 2022. Berlin, Germany.

Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw. 4 Mar 2022. Warsaw, Poland.
LINGUAE seminar (ENS/Institut Jean-Nicod). 16 Dec 2021. Paris, France.

On Hyperbole | email me for slides

LingLunch (Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle, CNRS/Paris 7). 4 Nov 2021. Paris, France.
Semantics Research Seminar, Universty College London. 15 Oct 2021. Online talk.
S-Babble (UC San Diego). 5 Oct 2021. Online talk.
The New York Philosophy of Language Workshop. 20 Sept 2021. Online talk.

LINGUAE seminar (Institut Jean-Nicod). 3 June 2021. Paris, France.

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