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Ignorance is a Problem




Is Hyperbole a Scalar Inference?




Predicate Connection and Informational Oddness

(Proceedings of the 23rd Amsterdam Colloquium)

Domain Restriction: The Problem of the Variable Location Revisited | penultimate draft

(Linguistics and Philosophy)

Redundancy in Conjunctions: Aktionsart (Surprisingly) Matters




Distinguishing Homogeneity from Vagueness | penultimate draft

(Journal of Semantics)



Language and Thought in the Motion Domain: Methodological Considerations and New Empirical Evidence

(Journal of Psycholinguistic Research)

This article is a revised and condensed version of my MPhil thesis (University of Cambridge, 2013).




On Relevance | email me for slides

Meaning in Language Colloquium (Heinrich Heine University), 23 May 2023. Düsseldorf, Germany.

Seminarium (Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Computer Science). 15 May 2023. Warsaw, Poland.

Predicate Connection and Informational Oddness | email me for slides

GLiF Seminar (Pompeu Fabra University), 16 March 2023. Barcelona, Spain.

Mind the Gap: Absolute Adjectives Give Rise to Homogeneity Effects | email me for slides

1st Workshop on Homogeneity and Non-Maximality in Plural Predication and Beyond. 18 Nov 2022. Online talk.


Contradictoriness | handout

SYNSEM seminar (LLING, CNRS/Université de Nantes), 17 Jun 2022. Nantes, France.

Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics (ZAS). 29 Apr 2022. Berlin, Germany.

Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw. 4 Mar 2022. Warsaw, Poland.
LINGUAE seminar (ENS/Institut Jean-Nicod). 16 Dec 2021. Paris, France.

On Hyperbole | email me for slides

LingLunch (Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle, CNRS/Paris 7). 4 Nov 2021. Paris, France.
Semantics Research Seminar, Universty College London. 15 Oct 2021. Online talk.
S-Babble (UC San Diego). 5 Oct 2021. Online talk.
The New York Philosophy of Language Workshop. 20 Sept 2021. Online talk.

LINGUAE seminar (Institut Jean-Nicod). 3 June 2021. Paris, France.




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